Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Over the Counter Methods

White teeth don't just look better but often have fewer decay-related problems. At Dr. John O'Grady, you can receive teeth whitening in Danville, CA, to manage stains and other concerns with your teeth. But how does this treatment option compare to over-the-counter, DIY care methods? Let's break down the differences between these treatments to figure out what to expect here.

Both Use Peroxide: But Professionals Use More

Whitening procedures often center around hydrogen peroxide, a substance that can easily break apart stains and whiten your teeth more effectively. The amount used in a whitening gel will vary based on its brand and its purpose. Most store-bought brands contain between 3-20% hydrogen peroxide. The higher the percentage, the more whitening power that your brands will possess.

Compared to these over-the-counter options, professional whitening has far more hydrogen peroxide. Typically, a professional gel has between 25-40% of this substance. As a result, even its lower level is higher than the best DIY method, with its top type being double the best possible over-the-counter treatment. Beyond that, expert teeth whitening in Danville, CA, has other benefits to consider.

How Dentists Improve Whitening

Did you know that your dentist will utilize a special light or laser treatment when whitening your teeth? This laser is designed to improve the whitening power of your treatment. It is applied after treatment and takes no more than a few moments to finish. Most whitening processes in your dentist's office will take no more than an hour and create very few side effects.

Dentists may also provide multiple care sessions, depending on your stain needs. For example, they may whiten your teeth a few times throughout several months, taking care to adjust your treatment as needed. In this way, they can carefully remove plaque and stains from your teeth and restore your teeth to a whiter and more appealing overall appearance.

Take Care of Your Teeth

As you can see, over-the-counter whitening kits provide some benefits but not as many as professional cleaning. So please don't hesitate to contact Dr. O'Grady to get professional teeth whitening in Danville, CA. He'll do what he can to make sure that you are satisfied and minimize any complications. Call (925) 820-5585 to set up an appointment or talk with our professional team.

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