Keeping Your Smile Bright With Teeth Whitening

Many find suitable smile results by keeping on top of their oral hygiene. With daily brushing, flossing, and biannual office dental cleanings. But for those seeking a brighter whiter smile professional teeth whitening may be the answer. Get in contact with Dr. John O'Grady of Danville, CA, to find out if the treatment is right for you.

Stubborn Stains

Food and drink of intense color pigments are what's most responsible for those stains you can't simply brush away. If you smoke, you will have noticed the effect of both tar and nicotine on the color of your teeth.

For these types of stains, the ones that leave your teeth a shade closer to yellow than white, teeth whitening may be the perfect solution.

It is a treatment meant for natural teeth, so it may not help whiten the color of crowns or caps.

Discoloration due to trauma or medication or age may be better served by alternative treatments. So it's important to sit down with your doctor and discuss your expectations so they may suggest the proper approach to get you closer toward your goal of a bright white smile.

Over the Counter

You may find yourself tempted by over the counter promises. That is not to say you could not achieve a few shades through the treatment. But only professional treatment can achieve the dramatic results you are looking for.

In the office, an impression is made of your teeth to create a tray custom fit to your smile. You can then use this tray for convenient at-home treatments. By using it with a prescribed gel you only need to keep the tray in your mouth for a short period of time, and within a few days, you should see noticeable results.

Teeth Whitening in Danville, CA

Your diligence with brushing and flossing, and with keeping up with your dental checkups and cleanings, has earned you the right to a bright white smile. So don't delay, give Dr. O'Grady in Danville, CA, a phone call today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment. Dial (925) 820-5585 to find out more.

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